Carroll County’s Agricultural Land Preservation effort is the most successful in the State of Maryland, preserving more farms and more acres through the purchase of land preservation easements than any other county in Maryland.  Carroll County’s program also ranks among the nation’s top five similar programs administered by local governments in the United States.  Operating since 1980, the Carroll program has preserved more than 650 farms encompassing over 73,000 acres.

In 2020, Carroll County will reach the milestone of 75,000 acres preserved. This is 75% of its 100,000-acre goal.  To celebrate the occasion, the Fall Harvest Celebration at the Farm Museum will feature a ceremony, other related special events, and attractions. An educational campaign will accompany the event promoting the benefits of preservation to the community and the importance of public support for “growing” preserved land acreage to attain the remaining 25,000 acres. The celebration will be held on Saturday, October 17, 2020, from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM at the Carroll County Farm Museum and is free to the public.  A special ceremony will be held at the event.  More details will be provided at a future date.

For More Information about Celebrating 75,000 Acres Preserved & Growing:
Contact Brenda Dinne by emailing or by calling 410-386-2140.