Buy Local Challenge
May 31, 2018
Carroll County Farmers Markets
May 31, 2018

Strawless Summer

Everyone one knows that what we ‘throw away’ is never really gone. Unfortunately, sometimes are trash and debris make their way to our waterways and oceans. One of the major offenders are plastic single-use straws–like the kind served in every drink in every state across the country. That quickly adds up to over 500 millions straws being used and ‘thrown away’ in the USA DAILY! Sometimes……a lot of the time…….those straws end up in the ocean where they harm sea life and pollute the water.

Ocean City, Maryland is asking visitors and residents alike to take a ‘Strawless Summer’ Pledge and ditch the single-use plastic straws in an effort to clean up the waterways, bay and ocean. Carroll County is part of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed and there we challenge you to consider taking the ‘Strawless Summer’ Pledge here right at home. Just say no to straws at restaurants and bars. And for you straw lovers there are many reusable straws available on the market ranging from bamboo. glass, metal and more.