Getting into the ‘Spirit’ of the Season
September 22, 2017
A Dose Of Pumpkin
October 11, 2017

Corn Mazes Far From Corny

OK so it hasn’t exactly felt like fall this September and first few weeks of October. But it doesn’t have to be chilly to enjoy many of the fall outdoor activities such as corn mazes. Check out these local opportunities to explore and enjoy getting lost in a corn maze.

There are several opportunities to get lost in Carroll County:

*Char-Lene Farm Corn Maze (Woodbine)

*Cornfusion at Showvacker’s Quality Evergreens (Manchester)

*The Corn Maze at the Carroll County Agriculture Center (Westminster)

*Buppert’s Doran’s Chance Farm Corn Maze (Marriotsville)

*Local Homestead Products Corn Maze (Union Bridge)

These corns mazes aren’t just about the getting lost and found among the stalks, many also offer other family friendly activities such as petting zoo, fall-themed children’s games and activities, pick-your-own pumpkins or pumpkins available for sale, food and so much more! If you haven’t been to a local corn maze make this year the year you conquer one, two, or all of them!

**The featured image is of the Corn Maze at the Carroll County Ag Center